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Ode to the sub-standard employee OR -- Office Space; revisited

Have you ever got the feeling that you’re destined to be,
Nothing more and nothing less than mediocrity?
Every second, every hour, every breath and every glance
Just another way to prove they shouldn’t give you one more chance.

How many discussions have you had with the supervising staff,
About concerns of your performance, ‘can you cut your time by half?’
Do you feel a bit unnerved, because your best just doesn’t cut it?
Are you afraid your job will end, when one day you say ‘just SHOVE it?’

Have you ever sat an pondered what exactly you are missing,
From your wardrobe and your hair, to whose ass you should be kissing?
Are there moments that you look to your left and to your right,
And wonder how these soulless goons tuck their children in at night?

Well here’s to you, to us, to the always second rate
So what if we get fired, at least we can still get a date
We failed at office politics, but our hearts just weren’t there
I think we’d all feel worse if we really stopped to care
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