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"We need to talk about your flair..."

So, I was kind of, sort of, fired in advance today. I still have a job... just until I give birth.

My office manager took me into her office, sat me down (this is only a week or so before the end of my 'probationary' period, mind you) and explained that they don't feel my employment is going to work out.

"You're a great employee, you show up on time, you're detail oriented, you're great on the phones, you handle stressful situations very well, and overall, you do what is required of you, very well.

....But, I really want an employee that is excited to be here every day, someone who really wants to make this their career. I just... get the feeling that this is just a job to you. We're looking for someone who has a little more enthusiasm.."

"....But...I'm not doing anything WRONG, particularly? I'm a good receptionist, overall?"

"Oh yes, you're great; I'd be happy to be reference to that and I'll gladly write you a letter of recommendation."

"But.. I'm being fired."

"Well, I wouldn't say that we're firing you; it's just... I really just don't get the impression that you WANT to be here."

"Do I seem rude to the clients, have you gotten any complaints?"

"Oh, no, you're great over the phones; you're friendly, warm, and familiar with the client base. I have no complaints about your job performance at all.. I just don't get the impression that this job really...sings to you."

"You want someone with more...flair?" ... I can't help but laugh in my head at the obvious movie reference that she doesn't pick up on.

"Yeah!... you get it?... But of course, we're not going to let you go right away. I imagine it would be a little difficult for you to find another job at this stage in your pregnancy. We're just going to extend your employment until you have the baby."

And suddenly it makes sense.

I'm being fired because they don't want to hold my position for six weeks after I give birth. They'd rather hire and train someone else, and they can't come up with a legitimate reason for dumping me, because I haven't really fucked up at all. If they fire me BEFORE the end of my probationary period, but let me stay on as a courtesy after the termination, they don't HAVE to have a reason for firing me. I can't sue, and their bases are covered.

My manager obviously feels like an asshole for doing it.

I mean, how many people that fire you offer to give you a letter of recommendation?

I must admit, it was rather satisfying watching her squirm in her chair, waiting for me to flip out, or cry or something.

I just smiled and said 'okay.'

I really like it when I'm able to take things so well, when others are expecting the worse. I also really like it when my calmness makes the person I'm talking to JUST that much more uncomfortable.

Well, I've experienced my first job-related discrimination.

Oh well, I guess something else is in my path after the baby is born.

We'll have to see.
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