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Survey thing

Of Your Friends...
List 10 Of Your Friends (Any Gender) Below

(These are also in no particular order. Obviously, since my husband is number eight.)

1.: Melissa
2.: Allan
3.: Gina
4.: Greg
5.: Preston
6.: Azi
7.: Cody
8.: Andrew
9.: Stephanie (my sister)
10.: Natasha

Now Answer The Questions Below Referring To The Friends You Listed Above.

How long have you known 1?: About 4 years now, but we've been really close for over two..
Have you been to 8's house?: ... So much... it seems like I live there. Oh wait!...

Do you like 6?: Isn't this supposed to be about friends?... Yes. Of course I do.

Are 4 and 10 friends?: Kind of... but not as much by choice as circumstance, I think.

Have you been to 3's house?: Yes. Not where she's living now, but that horrible asbestos-ridden place in downtown SD she used to live in..

Would you ever live with 5?: Been there, done that. Again?... No.
When was the last time you talked to 4?: Over a month ago, actually, when we were in san francisco on our way to town for thanksgiving. Should probably give him a ring for Christmas.

Would 1 and 6 make a good couple?: ...It'd be really hot... but I don't think they have that much in common...

How about 8 and 10?: I think so, actually. They have enough in common, and I think they're physically compatable. (Yes, I am talking about my husband and my friend, and of course I'm talking hypothetically)

Have you ever dreamt about 2?: He's been in a few dreams actually.

Have you ever slept with 9?: Let's think about that for a second... my SISTER. No.

Is 7 attractive?: Depending on the time of year and how his self esteem is doing. (you know it's true) but generally, yes.

Do you love 4?: Like the red-headed step-brother I never had..

Would you ever cuddle with 1?: All the time.

Would you ever kiss 3?: I don't think she swings that way.

What do you like best about 6?: Her passion for life, and her stead-fast desire to make a difference. Her hugs. She gives great hugs. And hair tugs.

Have you ever had a crush on 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9?: Yes, No, No, Yes,... My SISTER...

Do you ever wish you never met 3?: Only because of the place we met, if we could have
met anywhere else, I'd never think of it.

How did you meet 5?: In the ralphs shopping center in Encinitas, after him and Nikki got hair cuts together... and then we walked back to my place... and there were bees... many bees.

Has 2 seen you naked?: Yes, but that's really not that impressive of a feat.

Have you seen 2 naked?: I missed that time he was on acid... so no.

Who is taller? 5 or 10?: Preston (5)

Have you met 4's family?: Haven't met his sisters, but other than that I think I've seen just about all the Collinsworth's

Would you ever go out with 3?: Again, I don't think she swings that way.

Do you think 7 is funny?: He makes me laugh quite often... not always intentionally, of course. ::grin::

What about 6?: Smarmy...sarcastic... I don't know about 'funny' exactly. But she can make me laugh, that is for sure.

Where was the last place you went with 1?: Visited her at Channel's house in the morning.. we were supposed to get dougnuts, but her rear windshield had been busted. So we went and hugged and said goodbye over there.

When was the last time you hung out with 2?: Day before thanksgiving. Denney's. Need I say more?

Where do you want to take 3?: To Disneyland, or Six Flaggs, or... SOMETHING, she's never been to an amusement park and she's 22.

When do you want to see 4?: When we can.

Would 5 and 6 make a good couple?: Uhm... no.

Have 7 and 8 ever kissed?: ....No... but...ewww, mental image. Not okay.

Would 9 or 10 ever live together?: No. I know that for sure.

Would you let 3 have your baby?: I'M having my baby, thank you very much..

Have you ever told 1 a deep dark secret?: She knows it all. So I try to stay on her good side.

Has 1 ever told you a secret?: For sure, so she stays on my good side. At this point, I don't think we can stop being friends, the blackmail would be too much.

Would you runaway with 6?: If we were ever in the same ZIP code. lol

Who was the last person 9 kissed?: A jerk who lives in L.A. He's on my shit list.

Who was the last person 7 hugged?: He hugs everybody. Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe Shadow...?

What word or phrase does 5 say alot?: "50 bucks.." in reference to how much he's willing to kill a person you don't like for.

Does 6 make you laugh?: We already covered this, yes, she does.

Does 2 ever annoy you?: Only when he doesn't call. When we actually hang out, we're cool.

When did you last call 4?: A few minutes ago, actually, to wish him a merry christmas.

Do you ever talk to 3 online?: Nope.

What about 2?: Nope.

Does 10 smell bad?: No, she actually has a habit of smelling really good.

Does 1 smell nice?: Usually... there were a few drunken nights though...but that was mostly alcohol.

Are 1 and 8 friends?: I HOPE so, after all the shit the three of us have been through. If anything ever happens to me, I'm quite certain he'd take my place as BFF after a fashion.
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