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Still awake, and as such, thinking..

My days off always annoy me, because I get the chance to get to sleep early (and catch a good amount of sleep before the baby wakes up) but, my body clock is so acclimated to the late-night schedule that I simply lie awake for hours if I do try to get to sleep. Sometimes I do just lie there and wait for sleep to come, but more often than not I get up and watch a movie or in this case go online until I'm tired enough to actually fall asleep.

I suppose I'll give an update as to what I've been up to as of late. Been working at LG again, training to be a Cashier, as my experience and reliability gave me an edge above the other candidates... well, and the fact that there really weren't many other candidates. The money is good, the job is a bit stressful, but... I feel comfortable. I didn't feel comfortable at GeoDesign, or anywhere else that I've worked for that matter. I feel like I'm part of the clique at LG, where I never was anywhere else. My personality traits don't clash with anyone, I don't have to be afraid of what I talk about, and no one asks me questions about my plans for the future that I don't have answers to, which ultimately forces me to lie. Since the whole being eaten alive by my overwhelming desire not to be looked at like a piece of meat is taken out of the equation, by my not having to dance anymore... I'm completely free of any problems with the job.

Yes, yes, it's a terrible black hole of an industry and I don't want to end up being 60, still filling out paperwork and selling tickets, of course.. but I wouldn't want to be a desk clerk, or a telemarketer forever either. None of the jobs I've had in the last 6 years have been ideal for eternity, but I can live with going to work every day in a way I really can't anywhere else.

So, shame on me for being so easily drawn to a sleazy industry and its benefits, but hell, if it will keep me more or less sane, the bills paid, and my daughters college fund growing, while giving me time to spend with my daughter, and Andrew the money to finish his degree, then I'll do it.

On another note, things between Andrew and I are not as idyllic as they were when I was pregnant, we get on each other's nerves a bit more, and as such, we're prone to a bit of bickering..

Still, it's never anything new or groundbreaking, and I still love curling up next to him at the end of the day

Still haven't moved our stuff from our old place, to here, still haven't even looked into getting an apartment in SD again. We did however, get a 6,000 dollar tax return which helped us clear up the majority of our past debt. (We haven't had a single creditor call is un over a week!!!)

Andrew's sister is coming down at the end of April to go to Disneyland with my family (part of which she still hasn't met) and at the end of May, Greg's getting out of school, and he'll help Andrew with the move (which is good, because I'll have my hands tied with Zoe and the fact that I can't lift much anyway..)

I'm going to miss the quaint-ness of our old apartment, but, a new look might just give me the gumption to actually decorate something myself.

Oh, and Zoe is giggling now. There's nothing quite like a baby's laugh, especially when you hear it for the first time.

In other news, television (and Tivo especially) has poisoned my mind in ways you can't imagine. With all the time I have with my hands full and not much else to do with the baby while feeding/entertaining her... I've been watching a LOT of TV. As such, I have gotten more or less addicted to the following shows (in no particular order)

ER (the original, you know 1995-2000)
Star Trek : The Next Generation (We knew that already)
Gilmore Girls (my guilty pleasure)
Grey's Anatomy (Another hospital based series)
House (Are we seeing a trend here?)
Family Guy (The newer stuff, the first couple of seasons kinda suck)
Conviction (Brand-new, only 5 episodes so far, and I'm enthralled)

But STILL I have no interest in soap operas... my mother tries to get me to watch General Hospital with her, and I just can't.. even though it's technically a hospital based series, like the other three I'm into.. there's just something about the acting, writing, cinematography and general convoluted-ness that I just can't handle.

Okay.. I suppose that's enough for now, feel updated? Good... cause its 5:00am, and I'm finally feeling tired.
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