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My Life Is An Open Book

with some key pages missing...

17 September
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My story.
Well, by all rights and means I've already WRITTEN a good portion of my life story. A long, interesting, albeit disturbing piece of artwork that will probably have much more value when I die. This, however, isn't it. What THIS is... hell if I know.
The idea of people wanting to know much about me at all, seems rather absurd at this point. Then again, I'm sort of walking in to this thing pretty blind. A place to write my thoughts, that will only be invaded by internet strangers... as opposed to relatives, or small children.
I'm from southern california. Shoot me. I have experienced the awe and wonder of the pacific northwest. And now I'm back in San Diego. My God.

I aspire to...
Exist past the age of 30. Do something worthwhile with my life. Maybe write a book someday, that someone will read and enjoy.
I am clutter. I am chaos. I am fate's toy-mouse. The stars, are constant. The night, is constant. Sun rises, sun sets. These are my small measures of hope.

Now here's a question, if you read this much.

Do you care? If so, maybe you ought to do more than just read and wonder. Contact me.